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Just as enlisted members in the military, volunteers are the backbone of our operation!

Here at Operation Leadership, veterans can continue their desire to serve. The need to remain organized and have mission oriented camaraderie does not fade when we take off the uniform. And often times adjusting back into civilian life is not easy. When Veterans serve Veterans, skill sets come back to life. Your leadership through serving your community shines and so will peoples lives.

Join with us as we close with to destroy hunger in the Active Duty ranks. Stand side by side with us as we help Veterans in our community. Veterans who have given so much.

Hunger does not know that you have never worn the uniform, we have civilian volunteers from every walk of life, restaurant owners, nurses, attorneys, housewives and stay at home parents who volunteer their time to get organized and serve both Active Duty and Veterans in their communities.

Are you ready to lead from the front?